Nationwide Medicare coverage from our Coral Springs, FL office

Are you on disability benefits through Medicare? Did you just turn 65? Congratulations, and welcome to all the opportunities available for healthcare! At Benefit Specialists Inc. based in Coral Springs, FL, we understand how confusing this period can be, but we strive to assist you with a happy transition to Medicare benefits. We have all the top insurance carriers available for Medicare insurance choices. Medicare is health insurance given from the government to people who have end-stage renal disease, individuals with disabilities and people 65 and over after working 40 quarters.

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The program has two parts. Part A: hospitalization coverage, skilled nursing and hospice; Part B: outpatient services, physicians and other medical services. Part B has a monthly premium based on your income. Why is it important to have a Medicare Plan or a Medicare Supplement? Because there are deductibles and coinsurances, it is imperative that a Medicare beneficiary elects wisely the type of Medicare plan or supplement that will fit his/her needs.

In a nutshell, Medicare plans vary from county to county, though they normally have no additional premium or a very low premium in order to receive the benefits. When a beneficiary elects a Medicare plan, this plan will pay all medical bills after the beneficiary pays only low co-pays. There may be network restrictions. You can choose from PPO, HMO or PFFS plans. One of our specialists in Coral Springs can assist you in determining which option will suit your needs depending on your location. Please call 888-282-3650 or fill out the form on our contact page.

Medicare supplements work differently than Medicare plans. A supplement will pay in addition to Medicare. There are no network restrictions. All the benefits options for the supplements are standardized by the government and have premiums in addition to your Part B premium. We can help you to elect an option that will suit you. For complete assistance, please call our office in Coral Springs at 888-282-3650.