Individual Health Insurance

Take control with individual health insurance provided by our team in Coral Springs, FL

We frequently hear from our clients: oh, my employer does not offer health insurance! But the question is: who is responsible for providing health insurance coverage? Is it your employer or is it you? When an illness or injury strikes, who is the one that must pay those medical bills, you or your employer? It is you! You are ultimately responsible for your medical bills unless the illness or injury was job-related, then it is the employer’s responsibility.

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According to Prof. Elizabeth Warren, a study was conducted with Harvard University in which she stated: “As part of a research study at Harvard University, our researchers interviewed 1,771 Americans in bankruptcy courts across the country. To our surprise, half said that illness or medical bills drove them to bankruptcy. So each year, 2 million Americans – those who file and their dependents – face the double disaster of illness and bankruptcy.”

With individual health insurance you have the ability to tailor the coverage according to what your priorities and needs are. For more information about individual health insurance, contact our office in Coral Springs, FL at 888-282-3650. We are glad to answer all questions!

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So what can you do if where you work no benefits are provided or if you are self employed? The answer is simple: apply for individual health insurance, available throughout the country from our expert team in Coral Springs. The coverage is yours, normally portable so that you can take it wherever you go. Even if you switch jobs or move, the coverage stays with you. The premiums on individual health insurance can be much lower than group rates.