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Financial Planning in Boca Raton, FL

Benefit Specialists Inc. is proud to offer premium financial planning services based on the dependable practices based on your need for Income for Life. Our team of qualified financial specialists in Boca Raton, FL & Ft. Lauderdale, FL  will assist you in planning for a secure and healthy financial future by carefully considering your current situation and developing a plan suited to your needs.

Financial Planning Boca Raton, FL

Your Needs for Income for Life

We utilize sophisticated computer models for a majority of our financial planning services. These sophisticated computer model are a proven system that allows our clients to closely monitor your portfolios or your retirement plans. We can povide critical yearly income distribution mapping to clearly define the path to a successful investment strategy.

Also offering assistance with retirement planning

BSI Investment Solutions

Our professional team in Boca Raton & Ft. Lauderdale, FL provides nationwide access to premier retirement planning by focusing heavily on increasing the value of their portfolio. To learn more about our retirement planning options, please click here.

One effective tool for high quality retirement & financial planning is the implementation of risk management techniques to generate dependable income over many full market cycles, ensuring that a long-term perspective remains consistent and prominent in the planning of your retirement. Our Investment Solutions include:

  • Customized Investment Solutions
  • Retirement Planning
  • Consultation on 401K plans
  • Equity & Fixed Income strategies

Separately Managed Accounts

Benefit Specialists Inc. provides SMA services for those interested in a global equity asset allocation portfolio. This strategy utilizes volatility as an asset class to manage portfolio risk and protect principal, with a focus on long-term capital appreciation.

401k plans

Our 401k solutions offer the opportunity to allocate funds in a diversified manner to achieve long-term goals, maximize investor confidence and maintain a comfortable position with their investments. The system could incorporate multiple asset classes, top-notch institutional money managers to highly diversify your investments to protect against fluctuating markets. If you are interested in learning how we can help with premium financial planning options, please contact us today. We are proud to assist clients across the Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Boca Raton, FL regions.

For more information about our financial planning services, please contact our office near Boca Raton, FL at 888-282-3650 or fill out the brief form on our contact page. We are glad to answer all questions regarding our investment opportunities, and are confident that our diverse range of offerings is sure to encompass the style of retirement planning you are seeking.