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Retirement Planning in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

At Benefit Specialists, we provide independent fiduciary consultants. By contract, we must do what’s in your best interest. Not all providers have that same standard of duty and care.

We will show you how to simplify enrollments, increase plan participation, and how to redirect or eliminate plan costs that add no value. Our individual retirement solutions will increase the likelihood that your employees will succeed.

Let us show you how we can simplify your plan and help your employees reach their target.  Make your plan simple, easy and effective.

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Retirement Planning Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Independent, conflict free retirement consulting advice and strategies

Helping You Retire With More Assets, Security and Dignity

Improving the Long Term Performance of Your Account

Study after study has demonstrated that the actual investment results of mutual fund investors (both inside and outside of retirement plans), due to poor choices, is far below that of the actual average return of the actual mutual funds in which they invest. In fact, it has been significantly worse. Over extended periods of time, this shortfall has ranged from 4% to 8% per year less.

Dalbar - Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior
This could lead to a loss in return potential of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the long term. More importantly, improving investment decisions can greatly improve the comfort, security and dignity of your retirement. Improving long term investment results is at the core of what BSI seeks to do.

Hire the Professionals, Cut Wasted or Hidden Costs or Utilize Resources More Wisely

Although each situation is unique, BSI follows the same three pronged approach to help you earn more from your retirement planning decisions & 401K. Your plan may use one, two or all three of the methods noted above. BSI helps your company to identify and either reduce or eliminate wasted or bloated fees so that when you invest, more money is actually going to work towards your retirement.

The most important issue that we seek to address is to recognize that participants, business owners and trustees are not professional money managers. Today's investment world is complex, global and fast moving. That is why BSI generally recommends hiring a professional financial planning portfolio management firm, who agrees to accept fiduciary liability, to make these critical decisions. This can be done even in cases where participants wish to retain the ability to choose their own investments.

Education Geared at Helping You Retire More Successfully

Most 401k plan education focuses on the wrong solution. It seeks to make you a better portfolio manager and involves complicated calculators, investment choices and asset allocation discussions. It is overwhelming, confusing and, arguably, leads to the types of poor results described above. BSI helps you to focus on how you can pursue the most successful retirement. Our educational information concentrates on helping you decide how much to save and when to target your retirement. Helping folks across Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Boca Raton, FL focus on retirement planning is the mission of BSI.

All of this is provided as a service to our participants so they can retire with dignity.

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